Visual Tracking using Kernel Projected Measurement and Log-Polar Transformation


K.N. Toosi University of Technology


Visual Servoing is generally contained of control and feature tracking. Study of previous methods shows that no attempt has been made to optimize these two parts together. In kernel based visual servoing method, the main objective is to combine and optimize these two parts together and to make an entire control loop. This main target is accomplished by using Lyapanov theory. A Lyapanov candidate function is formed based on kernel definition such that the Lyapanov stability can be verified. The implementation is done in four degrees of freedom and Fourier transform is used for decomposition of the rotation and scale directions from 2D translation. In the present study, a new method in scale and rotation correction is presented. Log-Polar Transform is used instead of Fourier transform for these two degrees of freedom. Tracking in four degrees of freedom is synthesized to show the visual tracking of an unmarked object. Comparison between Log-Polar transform and Fourier transform shows the advantages of the presented method. KBVS based on Log-Polar transform proposed in this paper, because of its robustness, speed and featureless properties.


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